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♡ Proposal - 23rd May, Friday ♡

Proposal Preparation: Roses

Because i'm too tired to jot down the whole planning at one go. It will be in the same post but just continue updating on different days.
ღ buying materials to fold origami roses
Sneaky  went to Jurong Point's Popular with the help from Benny to take photos of him.
From Left to Right: Fabric Paper (blue & white), Leaves, Super Glue, Ribbons & Stems
handmade step by step by ღ
From the pictures, i feel that it's already a very tedious job yet  got to stop halfway to take photos of the procedure to be used as a video for proposing.
Not the usual red roses thou it has a greater symbolisation of love but my favourite color is blue.

in white & different shades of blue
23 stalk of roses
our anniversary date
Shall continue when i have more time on my handsSmiley

Proposal Preparation: Ring

House of Hung Jewellers / Jann Paul
545, Orchard Road #01-23 
Far East Shopping Center S238882
 +65 6733 2925 
You got to schedule an appointment before you can patronize. It's still Benny who is the one helping ღ to capture shots for his proposal preparation video.
ღ conveying his ideas to the assistant
my heart-shaped ring!
all diamonds will come with a GIA cert
Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the leading source of knowledge, standards & education in gems and jewellery. The clarity & color matters the most, even more than the size of the diamond. If not the diamond will not be shiny but it will be yellow in color. 
Coming up in the same post, Proposal Preparation: ღ's trip to Meleka to plan the itinerary & decorate the hotel's restaurant private room

Proposal Preparation: 's trip to Meleka

A week or so before our trip, ღ went to Meleka with Josh to make arrangements for the proposal & ate all the famous Meleka food. No wonder ღ  is able to make such a detailed itinerary & he's so familiar with the locations on the day itself.
w/ his friend Josh
This is them testing on ღ's newly bought DSLR Nikon D5300 with an iphone app for self shots.
Bus terminal
@ Hotel Equatorial Melaka
smiling at his phone as usual
Most probably checking his proposal plans on his phone to pass on to the lady. 
Hotel Equatorial Meleka's Japanese restaurant, KAMPACHI
checking the private dining room but we ended up having a different one on the actual day
shopping for balloons
this picture was used in the video 
nicest picture i had of the girl. she had many unglam shots

Actual Day Proposal:

balloons filled room

Music: My favourite "You're my Sunshine"
This is the video that  painstakingly prepared with some help from his friends to be played during the proposal.
After the video is played (twice!Surprised facebook memeღ stepped in with the rose bouquet in hand & mumbled an array of words that i couldn't possibly hear when the restaurant's very traditional background Japanese music was quite loud.

2 months of Proposal preparation made into a video & played to me in a private room of a restaurant on our 5th Anniversary. 1:44 is the actual day of the Proposal~

It amazes me how LF managed to plan without hiccups for someone who always bring me to places or shops that are closed for the day (20th Birthday to KLCC is under maintenance).
had a hard time choosing snippets from the video
ღ: "You surprised? I did so much stuff without your notice.
I love you so much. Will you marry me?"
evidence showing that ღ put on the engagement ring on the wrong hand
ღ remove our couple ring (on the right hand) & put on the engagement ring, the picture above is the 2nd time he adjust the ring. It's days after the proposal that ღ realized he put it on the wrong hand.
with ღ's props
There's a GoPro ღ borrowed from his friend to capture the whole process, from the moment we stepped into the room till the proposal ends. But sadly, the staff didn't manage to switch it on as requested & ღ was so disappointed & upset.
At least the whole process was captured on ღ's dslr & will be uploaded soon (i hope) when ღ's friend finish editing it.

ღ spent a total amount of $6000 on the proposal which includes the material for roses, diamond, Nikon dslr D5300 + microphone + 2 lens + dry cabinet, 2 hotel rooms (ღ initial plan was to treat Benny & Bestie for helping but they have other obligations so they can't join us), Japanese food @ Hotel Equatorial Meleka's Kampachi

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