Tuesday, December 29, 2015

♡ Menstrual Cup - 27th December, Sunday ♡

 Content unsuitable for guys 

This is a review after using the menstrual cup for monthly period.
After hours of reading, i've decided to purchase my 1st menstrual cup which is made of medical grade silicone. The Cup can be worn up to a maximum of 10 - 12 hours consecutively before being emptied & washed. Of course it depends on heavy or light flow.
I like the cup because you don't feel the wetness so it feels cleaner 

image from Google
types of menstrual cups from various brands
This (http://parent.guide/best-menstrual-cup-the-ultimate-guide/) should be the most comprehensive guide that can be the answers to all your doubts/questions.

Compared the Diva Cup (most famous) & the Lunette (cheaper alternative).
Decided to purchase the Lunette because of it's cup size, colours, affordable pricing & most importantly, it's available in SG.

2 authorised sellers in SG
I purchased my Lunette from LiveLoveLuna (http://www.liveloveluna.com/) instead of Antheia Beauty as it costs $44.90 & $55.90 respectively. Surplus of $11 so why not. But that's their promotional price thou, usual price at $49.90 once their official website is launched.

@liveloveluna on Carousell
When i decided to purchase, the seller doesn't have any stock. I don't mind waiting since my period was just over. So i waited patiently, once there's stock Lf went to meet the seller on behalf of me.
Well, i remembered he told me once that he had always wanted to buy sanitary pads for his gf 
So he finally got a chance to purchase feminine intimate products for me. To make it less awkward for him, i told the seller that my husband is collecting it for me.

Lunette Menstrual Cup Model 2
Model 1 or 2
The Model 1 is softer & suitable for light to moderate flow. I got the Model 2 as it's catered to normal or heavy flow. As softer cups might cause leakages to happen more easily so i got the Model 2 which is firmer.

Specially bought a pot & metal mash to sanitise the cup before & after the period (Day 1 & Day 7). You do not have to sanitize the cup everyday, just wash the cup with clear water & unscented soap between the days.
The metal mash is to prevent the cup from being burnt as it sinks to the bottom of the pot.

The 1st time i'm so eager for my period to arrive  Before inserting, i've read tons of guides, reviews & watch YouTube videos whereby a girl (younger than me) inserting & removing the cup while videoing but without showing her lady parts of course.
Initially, i needed many tries but now i only need 1 

Methods of Folding the Cup

some of the many available methods
There are many methods (https://www.lunette.com/how-to/folding-methods.html) & i've tried the C-fold & Punch Down Fold to no avail. However, the Triangle Fold method is the best for me, even the caption of it is "is a nice fold if you're having cup insertion challenges".

The Triangle fold (0:43) is suitable for me compared to the 7 fold (0:22) as the insertion point is narrower. I use clear water as a lubricant to assist the insertion.
After inserting, you have to ensure the cup is open, in order to collect the contents & prevent leakages.

Removal of the Cup
After which, i tried to remove the cup immediately. By pushing it out & pinching the bottom of the cup to release the suction/vacuum & pour the contents away.
Don't worry, the cup will never be lost inside as gravity will always ensure the cup will be at the bottom of the canal.
I took a longer time to remove than inserting as it hurts when the rim is exiting 

Bree's (Precious Stars Pads) YouTube videos are by far the most informative on menstrual cups. Viewed most of her videos to know more about it.

Stem of the Cup
I'm thinking of cutting the stem of the Cup as it kind of pokes me. I can't sit or even walk properly 
However, if the stem is cut, i'm afraid i can't remove the cup easily 

Overnight Verdict
This was the 1st time ever waking up on my period & feeling completely dry. No icky feeling of the wetness 
The only concern i have is the removal & insertion of the cups at public washrooms. I definitely don't have the skills nor the experience to do it in public perfectly yet.


  1. Hey there! :) I'm the co-founder of LiveLoveLuna (the one who did the meet up hehe). Would you mind if we share your blog post on our official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/liveloveluna.sg/)? Your review will definitely help new users or those who are considering to purchase! Do let us know if you are fine with it. :)

    Also, just wanted to let you know that $44.90 is the opening promotional price for Lunette as we were just starting out. The promotional period will end when we launch our official website (soon!) with the usual price of $49.90. It's still really affordable though, and we offer free normal shipping! :)

    1. Hello! Oh yes i remember you, i've joined liveloveluna's fb page recently. You may share my post, i've updated on the promotional pricing too.
      Btw, could you advice me on the stem which is poking me. Does it means that it's too long & needs to be trimmed? But i'm afraid that once trimmed, i might have difficulties gripping the cup as i remove it by tugging on the stem.

    2. Thank you! :)

      If the stem is poking out of the vagina when the cup's inserted during your period, then its probably too long. If its really uncomfortable, it would be better to trim it! you can try trimming it off a little and inserting it again to see if the length is better, or if you need to trim off more. for myself, my cup sits very low in the vagina, so i've trimmed the whole stem as i dont need it. usually, how i remove the cup is by bearing down (like pushing with your vaginal muscles; kinda like pooping. like when you pee and want to pee faster kind of pushing? haha hope this makes sense) so the cup will move downwards toward the vaginal opening. then, i can grip the cup by the base (the rings there are for you to grip it more easily) then pinch the base and slowly 'walk' it out of the vagina. maybe you can try trimming it during your next period!

    3. Thanks, once your website is up you may send the link to me so i can include it in this post.
      Yes, i bear the cup down too. After watching Bree's (Precious Stars Pads) videos on YouTube.

    4. Hey Sze Mian, we've launched! Our website is http://www.liveloveluna.com/. Appreciate if you can link to us on your post! :)

      We would also like to share some of the info here on our website's blog, on a post where we consolidate Singaporean users' reviews! Hope thats ok too :) We will definitely link back to you!

      Thank you!

    5. Ok. Sure, I've linked your website :)

  2. Thank you for shedding light on the benefits of using aarya's reusable menstrual cups. I've been using one for several months now, and the experience has been revolutionary. Not only are these cups eco-friendly by significantly reducing waste, but they also offer comfort and convenience that disposable products simply can't match