Sunday, August 05, 2012

♡ Hong Kong/Shenzhen Day 1 - 24th July, Tuesday ♡


Flight is supposed to be at 6:30am but we got delayed to 8:10am because of Typhoon Vicente. Was so worried & disappointed that we might not be able to leave sg at all. Whenever we planned for a trip we won't be able to go.

Before boarding, Sheryl whatsapp me early in the morning about the bad weather in Hong Kong. I'm very thankful by her thoughtful gesture.

touristy shot

Once we board the plane, we got delayed till 9:30am before take off.

The flight to Hong Kong was so terrible that i got all scared & felt like dying. Squeezed the poor boy's arms & even had some panic attacks. The plane met many turbulence & kept tilting to the left & right as if the plane is flown by a newbie.
just woke up
& feeling so worn out

Forgot whether it's 12 or 1pm when we touchdown to Hong Kong & was greeted by rain & no gateways available for us to alight.

Alighting as if we're on a private jet but got transported to the airport by bus. Went to the washroom to freshen up before entrusting our luggage at Hong Kong's airport Baggage Storage.
Off we go to Disneyland by taxi as the airport express is damn expensive as so we learnt from our lesson.
gloomy clouds
lousy shot by ෆ that cut off mickey's head
It's a must to take pictures with all pooh stuff! You'll get what i mean later ≖‿≖

Bought tickets & off we go! (❁◕‿◕❁)
why not pooh's head?!

Mickey's bowl
 Mad regretted not eating at the atas restaurant ෆ tried to psycho me to.

Hate them a lot. Squeezed & cut your queue as you take pictures. More to come when we go Ngong Ping & The Peak Tram.

Mickey & Minnie
the loves of my life
He kissed my hand after that

the ride we took
hunny pot

ෆ start videoing the ride only during halfway through the ride.You might hear my laughter at some parts, i find this ride rather amusing.

we made this for the sake of a souvenir
the end result
All mickey & minnie key chains look so nice but pooh one not nice. The only one i like of pooh is the key & lock design but it's bronze & looks like rusty to me. I have enough soft toys & i insist on getting a souvenir for memories.

Bye! See you soon!
flat tummy, in a few posts later you'll see a super fat one

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